Real meaning of Xmas

Click below and listen.  The first part of every Dannyland is when Danny just rants and raves about things that are on his mind.  Always unpredictable today is no exception.


It’s MUSLIM SUNDAY as Danny labeled it.  Click below and listen to one of the rare occasions he admits he was wrong, how Hillary Clinton wouldn’t get hired at Home Depot, how the media is manipulating you about Muslims, and the reason why Danny thinks he has found the perfect woman.

gun controlHere we go again.  Every time a nutball goes on a shooting spree taking innocent lives people pop up all over the place clamoring for the need of gun control.  Obviously I think this makes as much sense as giving an entertainment system to an Amish family. Follow me on this.  Think the war on drugs is a success story?  Look out…here comes the clue bus:  “Not a chance.”  Those that want/need their drugs have no problem getting them at any time.  The same thing will happen if the government tries to control guns.  Those that want them will easily be able to access them through illegal means.  How about approaching these horrific crimes in a manner that will actually benefit and protect those of us that are law-abiding citizens?

If a citizen is able to legally obtain a fire arm they should be allowed to go through proper training to obtain their right to carry and conceal a firearm.  Get rid of “Gun free zones” and let those that have taken the measure to properly educate and train themselves for protection purposes legally carry their fire arm.   If this were the case in these senseless mass shootings there would have been far less deaths/injuries as someone would have been able to pull out their legally concealed firearm and end the massacre.

One thing I have learned living in Florida is you can’t rely on protection from the police. They are the LAST people you want solving your problem.  Before it’s all over they may leave a kilo of coke in your refrigerator and a submachine gun on your hat rack.   Anti-gun people will say “We don’t need people running around our streets with guns.”  In a perfect world I couldn’t agree more but let me just pour you a reality cocktail.   Very bad people have guns.  These very bad people are carrying these guns with them as they go to the mall, fast food restaurant, or ride around your town.   What are ya gonna do if, heaven forbid, one of these thugs pulls a firearm on you or a loved one?  Pull out your smart phone and show him the highest level you completed on candy crush?

Look…..I don’t like anything in my pockets….drives me nuts, however, when we are talking about the possibility of life or death then my snub nose .38 slides into my pocket with the greatest of ease.

justiceThe jury will soon decide the fate of George Zimmerman.  I have watched probably half of this trial and both sides really sickened me.  The reality of the situation is this trial has become a trial about race and not if one man was within his rights of shooting another.  Trayvon Martin has a right to walk around a neighborhood.  George Zimmerman has the same right and it is not against the law to follow someone.  The only question here is did Trayvon Martin attack George Zimmerman.  If he did, and George Zimmerman felt his life was in danger, there is a Stand Your Ground law here in Florida that says you are allowed to shoot someone.  That’s the bottom line.  It’s not about race it’s about if one man had the right to take the life of another man.

Somehow the media and our President don’t even understand this.  When President Obama said “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon” he brought race into an already flammable situation.  It’s truly sad that a life was lost but the last thing the leader of our country should do is get involved in a legal situation that has yet to be resolved.  The media have also fanned the flames of the race issue.  This isn’t even “white versus black”—-George Zimmerman is Hispanic.  If anyone brings race into this issue then they are guilty of racism as well.   This is about two human beings.  Color and ethnicity make no difference to a beating heart.  If it’s so simple to me then why is it so difficult for those of supposed expertise in this matter?

Don’t get me started on the media.  We live in an age of “If it bleeds it leads.”  I firmly believe the media not only wants a “not guilty” verdict they want people to riot.  If there are burning buildings and chaos we will all run to the TV to watch.   No one will flip on the news in mass if all is calm and civil.  We, as a nation, have truly become “The Truman Show.”

What the hell has happened to our country?  No one speaks the truth anymore.  Everyone is afraid of offending someone.  How can we effectively communicate with one another when we are not being completely honest?  Opinions are just the thoughts of an individual.  They are similar to feelings.  To that particular individual they CAN’T be wrong.  We don’t have to agree with one another but let’s at least cut the bulls**t and be honest.  I’m gonna list five topics and give you my honest opinion on each.  Perhaps this will get the honesty ball rolling.

1) KIM KARDASHIAN:  She got famous for what she put IN her mouth as opposed to the nonsense that comes out of her mouth.  She’ll never get married to this basketball player and she has a fat ass.  Because of her massive Twitter following she IS influencial.  God help us.

2) PRESIDENT OBAMA:  He’s a great speaker but so was my priest back in Cleveland and my priest would have no business being President.  I wish he’d just admit he talked his way into office and not run in 2012.  Give me a guy with a stuttering problem and a crappy wardrobe as long as he can rescue a business.  America IS a business and it’s a business in BIG trouble.

3)  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION:  This is a joke and it’s racist.  Hire the best person for the job.  It really is that simple.  Imagine applying affirmative action to the NBA.  Does THAT put it in perspective for you?

4)  BI-LINGUAL SOCIETY:  This is crap.  We are in America and you speak English.  Don’t make me push a special button at the ATM to receive instructions in English.  I am a HUGE proponent of tradition.  Speak your native language inside your home but learn english like my great grand parents had to do.

5)  CORPORAL PUNISHMENT:  Smack away.  I didn’t say abuse I said smack.  No one knows what “hot” really is until you put your hand on the stove.  You say “no” to me and I still think it’s a “maybe.”  Pull out the strap or wooden spoon and put that to use and I understand the meaning of the word “no.”

There ya go.  My thoughts may not be popular but at least you know how I feel.  Will YOU be honest today?