So the big buzz this week was the Tupac Shakur hologram that performed at Coachella.  See the video HERE.  There is now talk of taking this hologram on the road for an official tour.  Didn’t we see this years ago when Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman dragged a corpse around in “Weekend at Bernies.”

Its bad enough performers are charging so much for concert tickets and all they do is lip synch and now they want us to pay to see someone who isn’t even there.  Why not just exhume musicians that have left this world too soon, tie ropes around them and make them perform like a marionettes.  Whoever gets the short straw will be in charge of Pavoratti.  Now THAT’S a workout!!

Why stop the hologram technology with musical performers.  Can you imagine the look on the Pope’s face when he sees John Paul II walking out on the balcony at the Vatican one Sunday to give the final blessing?  Picture the reaction of people in Vail when Sonny Bono gets on the ski lift and says “Point me in the direction of the hill with the least amount of trees.”  I’m sure the staff at the Stage Deli in New York wouldn’t have a problem if Mama Cass walked in and said “Could ya cut that chicken sandwich into small pieces for me so I don’t choke?”

There is a reason we have a past and a future.  They are not meant to be combined.  I’d say more on this subject but I’m having lunch with Elvis at a Burger King in Kalamazoo.

Our national nightmare is over.  Our borders are now secure.  Steven  Segal has become a legitimate border sheriff in Texas!  I first thought this was a publicity stunt for his show on A & E “Lawman.”  This is where Segal rides in a police car and says in between bites of his fast-food burger “There he is” and “Let’s get him.”    This is no publicity stunt America.  Steven Segal is guarding our borders!!

This would have been a bolt of fear for southern immigrants had it been 1988.  This is not your 1988 Steven Segal.  This is your 2011 Steven Segal.  Still confused?  Think when we were choosing the Elvis stamp.  We had the “young Elvis” and the “Fat Elvis.”  Gravity has not been kind to Segal.  How is he gonna protect the borders?  The only Mexican I have faith in him catching is a quesadilla smothered in shredded cheese.  We can try not feeding Segal for a few days in the hopes that would-be illegals would stay south for  fear of actually being eaten by the former star of Under Siege.   We could build a tree stand for him to stand guard every night.  Imagine a group of ten trying to cross into our sacred land.  Segal pounces from his tree stand and all would be apprehended.  Assuming of course his land doesn’t lie on a fault line or thousands may perishes and we could suffer after shocks for weeks.

Perhaps the only option having Steven Segal successfully guard our borders is to have him just lie down in his backyard.  The prospect of scaling his massive stomach will surely discourage even the most experienced mountain climber.  Once we get into winter we could have kids from  church groups bussed in to ski off his massive girth.  If he lays down (and from the looks of it I think he does—a lot) I’m sure his navel would get a powdery base by mid-December.

Take a deep breath America, no need to doublecheck all the dead-bolts, maybe even sleep with a window cracked this weekend.  We all are a little safer thanks to Steven Segal!