Crazy Car GuyWe all have been through the car buying experience and the competition to get your business is very high.  This is the reason thousands of dollars are spent in your city by local dealerships to convince you to walk inside their showroom.  I have been involved in the media business for many years and I will never understand the car dealer that insists on doing his own commercial because, quite frankly, you look like a goofball.

You know what I am referring to.  On St. Patrick’s Day he dresses like a Leprechaun.  On Christmas he’s in a Santa suit and his brother is dressed as an elf.  On Valentine’s Day he may even dress as Cupid and shoot an “arrow of savings LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!!”  That’s another thing they do….they freaking yell at you.  You are not cutting a commercial for Wrestlemania you own a freaking car lot.  Are you gonna scream at me when I walk in the door?  If that’s the case I may as well buy a car from my mother as I walk out of my door with a wet head.

“At (insert car dealership name here)     WE HAVE GONE CRAZY!!”  Really?  Then I would suggest a trip to the psychiatrist to get some proper meds because I don’t want you sitting next to me during a test drive frothing at the mouth with a switchblade in your pants pocket.

And while I’m on a roll let me address the giant inflatable King Kong that some dealerships insist on placing on top of their roof.  First of all King Kong is not real.  Secondly a balloon serves the purpose of putting a smile on the face of a young child so if this is your strategy to attract your target customer I’m quite confident they are not carrying a Mensa card.  That’s my service to the public for today….perhaps tomorrow I’ll address the Chuck Norris Total Gym.

ImageWhat I predicted almost two years ago is happening.  Notice how your favorite personality or morning show has just about disappeared from the air?  Why?  If you have a smart phone there is no reason for you to listen to music radio  Radio will continue to change and become one of two stations:  one that plays music with zero personality or one that is strictly content.  The owners and managers of these stations are figuring out what to do right now and my guess is 70% will stay with music.  To advertise on  music station is throwing out your money.


REAL radio is content radio.  This is where you are actually involved in the medium.  You laugh, agree, disagree, text, tweet, facebook, call in and become [art of the discussion, or maybe even cry in your car.THAT’S radio.  That’s a connection with you, the listener.  That’s what I want to be a part of.  That’s where I fit in.  That’s what I’m holding out for.