Let’s be honest.  Unless something drastic happens in the next eleven months Donald Trump is gonna win re election in November 2020.  He simply is NOT beatable… least not yet.  Wanna beat him?  Everything you need to know can my learned by observing Trump and his political machine.

First of all you are NOT gonna out Trump….Trump.  Forget about it.  He also has established himself on social media.  He owns Twitter.  The only question I wanna know is how many people are in charge of his Twitter account?  Ya know he’s not tweeting these himself, right?  So….how do ya do it?

First thing ya do is use his brand against him.  Make him a bully.  Everyone hates bullies.  No one enjoys being bullied.  Parents fear this for their kids and remember when they had their underwear pulled up the crevice of their buttocks because they played the violin in orchestra.  Parents vote.  Why would ya vote for a bully?  Make people believe they shouldn’t confuse anger with leadership.  People are stupid.  People will believe what you tell them.  This is the reason why companies advertise.  The free will and opinions of others can be influenced by money and marketing.

Next thing ya need is the running mate.  This is crucial.  Gotta be a female.  Even better if it’s a minority.  That opens ya up to playing the race card against the “Old White Guys.”  That’s the way you brand the GOP 2020.  A bunch of old, rich white guys.  Show up at the convention with the grumpy old men from “The Muppets.”  I think this strategy has a chance.

I’m gonna vote for Trump but after reading what I wrote….I’m not sure I even like the guy.  One thing I think we can all agree on is the political process has changed.  It’s not really an election it’s more of a reality show.  I think that’s all the motivation anyone needs to take the next eleven months to inform themselves of the issues and candidates and exercise their right to vote.  Thanks for reading.

guy laughing

I was telling my shrink the other day how the person I hate in life is the person I was ten years ago.  If you believe that way of thinking then you can speculate that I am really dealing with learning how to stop hating myself.  I also find it interesting to note that I have become the person I used to laugh at and make fun of.

I’m fifty-five years old.  I’m figuring out what truly matters in life.  I used to think it was $180 jeans and $80 t-shirts.  Now I get excited when I can find Greek yogurt on sale for eighty-eight cents.  Make fun of me but if I buy ten of them I’ll pocket a buck twenty and you can put that towards your White Claw your spending five bucks on at some shitty bar with a bunch of plastic people that think they’ll make money some day by being an Instagram model.  I cut my own hair.  I like sweat pants and t-shirts.  I don’t really shave but I do run some clippers over my face every few days.  I don’t like silence and have developed a sort of verbal tic where I grunt for seemingly no apparent reason.  Trust me.  People notice.  Based on their reaction I will assume it is of great concern to them.  I enjoy it because it creates distance.  I’m not a big fan of people being in my personal space.  If you made it this far in my post you either find it fascinating or perhaps you may be considering a restraining order.  Both are logical.

So laugh all ya want.  Just know that one day you’ll understand.  I just hope you can figure out your journey and purpose faster then me.