brazil violenceSo yesterday in the World Cup, hosting country Brazil was embarrassed by Germany 7-1.  To me…big deal…there has to be a  winner and a loser in any team competition but that wasn’t the case in Brazil.

Brazilians went nuts.  An announcement was made for German fans to stay inside the stadium so they could be escorted out for their safety.  Really?  If my country just got embarrassed on national TV the last thing I would wanna do is act like a bunch of crazies that escaped from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.

Brazil…ya lost.  How does setting a couch on fire in a furniture store change that?  I’m a Browns fan…I can’t imagine how many cars I would have flipped over in my lifetime if I acted like these idiots.  One of my complaints about soccer is that it’s so boring because no one scores.  Yesterday was exciting for me because I saw a shitload of goals but I never expected what I watched.  I’d understand walking out of the stadium with my head hung low and maybe stopping for a few post game brews to drown my sorrows but the last thing I’d expect is someone grabbing a 55 gallon drum on fire and tossing it through a coffee shop’s window.

I take back my original thought when the World Cup began a few weeks ago….soccer isn’t boring at all.

breast feedingThis nation truly is messed up.   Currently we are on “high alert” for a terrorist attack yet we still fear and make a big deal about “the nipple.”  I’m talking about another case of a woman getting chastised for breast feeding her child in public.

What is it about the nipple that makes us make zero sense?  Men like boobs.  Most like big boobs.  Many women spend a large amount of money to make their boobs bigger but if for some reason “the nipple” makes an appearance then a lot of people have a problem with it.  The nipple is necessary for the boob.  Without the nipple the boob would look like a house without a roof.

Men go on the internet to look at boobs.   A lot of men go to seedy clubs with loud music and ridiculous prices for beer to look at boobs.  Guys go to the beach and leer at women in bikinis just to get a look at some boobs but once ya add “the nipple then all hell breaks loose.

Breast feeding isn’t about the boob or about the nipple it’s about feeding a hungry baby.  Imagine if every time you were hungry you had to retreat to a spot of isolation to feed your pie hole.  I would much rather have a woman feed her child in public than hear the baby scream like it was in competition for “Colic Child of the Year.”

It’s time we come to our senses about the nipple—we all have them so let’s show the nipple a little respect and make them feel a little bit of love.

I knew what I wanted to do when I was thirteen years old growing up just outside of Cleveland, Ohio.  I used to listen to Pete Franklin on WWWE talking sports EVERY night.  Then I listened to those silly FM air-personalities in the morning and they seemed to be having soooo much fun.  The one thing I never liked on the radio was music.  I took up time for what I wanted to do.  I wanted to talk to people, laugh, make people react, learn something, teach something, share something but most of all INVOLVE the listeners.  Sadly….today we call that facebook.

I don’t care about the song of the day, the high-low cash game, the phrase that pays, the secret sound, “Horriblescopes” or “Dirt-Alerts.”  I have enough drama in my life so why do I need to know which Real Housewife is in re-hab, which one got arrested, which one got a black eye, how big her engagement ring is or what she looks like in South Beach in a bikini?  It’s embarrassing to say….but somewhere I actually grew up.  I’m not ashamed to admit I like that “Call Me Maybe” song.  I don’t know who sings it.  I don’t care.  I just know that her mp3 is inside my smart phone and I can listen to it when I want to.

I worry….I worry a lot.  I used to be a real jerk…maybe I still am.  I never really paid attention in school because I just wanted to make people laugh.  Now I’m obsessed with knowledge, I have become a news junkie and I really try to think of others before myself (I’ll admit that I’m not really fond of that).  I love sports bars for two reasons….I love sports and I love beer.  I ride a Harley, have a few crazy tattoos and I really believe the government does not have our best interests in mind.  I was a selfish boyfriend/husband and now that I have my act together I couldn’t care less about dating.  I’ve made more mistakes in life than you have but I also know that has provided me with incredible stories.

Many nice people have offered me jobs in great cities playing ten songs an hour,  I’d be able to make great money but would it be fair to them or more importantly to who I am and what I want to do to take that job?  Integrity has become important to me.  I can’t lie to them and I can’t lie to myself.  All these “experts” will say ‘People wanna hear music.’  Really?  I think they are wrong. People want to communicate.  They want to be heard.  People want to contribute.  How much music are you getting on facebook?  How many songs are played on Twitter?  I’m not down on radio at all.  I see an INCREDIBLE opportunity.  Radio needs to ENGAGE the listener.  React in some way.  Laugh, agree, disagree, get mad,think back to a memory, relate, learn something….I’m rambling now but I guess this is more like one of those word documents ya get in a holiday card every year that tells ya what that status of someone’s family is.  This is where I came from, this is what I am about,and this is where I am determined to go.   Thanks for reading. 🙂



I laugh when women say “He and I are JUST friends.  Men and women can be just friends.”  Women think like that because they think like women and think that men can distinguish between being a friend and being someone  they take off their clothes with and do adult things.  Ladies, let me allow you a look behind the curtain of Oz.  WE CAN’T!  Gay guys are probably the reason for the assumption that all guys can be “just friends” because gay guys really do wanna be your friend (and discuss fashion).  When straight guys are sitting across from you as you share a story about your best friends relationship problems and he nods his head appearing to understand and be interested in what you are saying he ACTUALLY is wondering what you would look like in the morning wearing one of his tee-shirts while you made him breakfast.

The truth is if it weren’t for the sex I really think that guys would always hang out with guys.  Think about it.  It’s a big deal to have a “night out with the boys.”   We drink beer, watch sports, talk about sports, talk about drinking beer, drink too much beer, talk about how we COULD have played in the NFL, etc.  Guys are a different breed.  We basically are still cavemen that went to charm school.  If you’re “guy friend” meets ya out for drinks at happy hour just know you actually are sitting across from “Thor” who would love to drag you by your hair back to his cave to do the prehistoric tango!

Some of you ladies may actually bring this blog to the attention of your man to question its validity.  He’ll read it and fume inside because a member of his gender would DARE to reveal the truth but I can tell ya what he’ll say right now:  “Honey, that may be how the REST of guys are but I don’t feel that way because YOU fulfill all my needs.”  See.  We know how to play the game.