breast feedingThis nation truly is messed up.   Currently we are on “high alert” for a terrorist attack yet we still fear and make a big deal about “the nipple.”  I’m talking about another case of a woman getting chastised for breast feeding her child in public.

What is it about the nipple that makes us make zero sense?  Men like boobs.  Most like big boobs.  Many women spend a large amount of money to make their boobs bigger but if for some reason “the nipple” makes an appearance then a lot of people have a problem with it.  The nipple is necessary for the boob.  Without the nipple the boob would look like a house without a roof.

Men go on the internet to look at boobs.   A lot of men go to seedy clubs with loud music and ridiculous prices for beer to look at boobs.  Guys go to the beach and leer at women in bikinis just to get a look at some boobs but once ya add “the nipple then all hell breaks loose.

Breast feeding isn’t about the boob or about the nipple it’s about feeding a hungry baby.  Imagine if every time you were hungry you had to retreat to a spot of isolation to feed your pie hole.  I would much rather have a woman feed her child in public than hear the baby scream like it was in competition for “Colic Child of the Year.”

It’s time we come to our senses about the nipple—we all have them so let’s show the nipple a little respect and make them feel a little bit of love.