mothers day

So I sit here and ponder; if I was to explain what a “mother” is/was/will be to an alien, what would I say?  I have a gift from God of the ability to write or speak in a way that truly affects people.  I do not have the ability to describe what a mother truly does or is or what they eventually become.  Let me give this a try.

LIFE.  Your mother gave you LIFE.  She made sacrifices beyond belief during her pregnancy.  The sickness.  The pain.  The sleepless nights.  All of this with complete selfishness and her focus on the unknown.  She gave you life and then it comes with the sacrifice of herself.  She never puts herself in a position of importance again.  She will guide you, advise you, teach you, love you, hold you, and basically alter her life in a way that puts her in the trunk of the car.  I, being single and without kids, am in awe of this ultimate act of love and kindness.

SHE ALWAYS WORRIES.  I used to get shitty with my mom for her constant worry for worry really is the focus on negative energy but I now understand that worry is also a sign of love.  Embrace the worry for someday it will not be there until we meet again.

KNOWLEDGE.  I’m 51.  I think I know it all.  I talk to my mother and I always come away with something I didn’t know or realize.  I am not as smart as I think I am and you MUST listen to your mother at all times.  She truly knows the best.  It took me a looooooong time to realize this.

Grab and hold your mother tight today.  If your mother has passed…..relish in the fact that you WILL meet again.  Today is not “just another Sunday.”  Today is Mother’s Day.  It should be a 365 days a year.  Let me close by wishing all the Mom’s out there a wonderful and happy day.  You deserve this, earned this and are appreciated more than you will ever know.  I also must add the fact that I was blessed with the “Greatest Mom In the World.”  I know that those of you reading this will dispute that but that’s part of the wonder of this day.  Mom….thank you for giving me life and your ability to look through my faults and encourage me in my times of trouble.  Happy Mother’s Day to all.