DANNYLAND!! Podcast 24. Details on Danny’s crazy Halloween. F-Bombs on live TV. Leah Remini and her feud with Tom Cruise and sooooo much more.

Posted: November 2, 2015 in Dannyland Podcasts
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exploding radio

In DANNYLAND we don’t like to be predictable.  We talk about what commercial radio is afraid to talk about.  Political correctness is thrown out the door.  Just click below for today’s edition.  Thanks as always!

  1. 65twins says:

    My favorite part: “…we’re going to f*ck sh*t up!” This should be the new Dannyland motto.

    I love Danny. I’d kill for him. I’d go to prison for him, because I love him so much. Thankfully I haven’t had the need to do that.

    Tha whistles go WOOO!!!!!

  2. Kendall Smith says:

    Are you trying to be a comedian?
    I don’t get it. Is the voice real or schtick?
    I found you from Bubba The Love Sponge ….. Todd Clem @BTLSRadio

    • I’m not sure I understand the question. I’ve been doing commercial radio for over 20 years so this is the way I do it. The voice? Pacing and delivery are the same way in real life except with a bit more passion on the podcast. I believe in self deprecation….lay your weakness out for all to see and it gives you strength. The podcast is missing phone calls and guests which I’m in the process of fixing by adding a phone bank and a skype line. Am I trying to be a comedian? I’m just being me. I’m rather polarized. Ya either like me or hate me. I believe that factor is what is missing from commercial radio today. It’s safe, predictable, boring and not the least bit compelling. Thanks for the listen and thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it very much!

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