This past Saturday I had a birthday.  I’ve been off the radio since January 19th of this year and I have been reflecting a lot on what I have done with my life to this point and what I plan to do with the rest of it.  It’s been an interesting ride so far and one that continues to teach me something new each day.  In the interest of brevity I have posted five of the most important lessons I have learned in life:

1)  ONLY ONE PERSON BESIDES YOURSELF CARES ABOUT YOUR BEST INTERESTS:   Those people are your parents.  Other than that all bets are off.

2)  YOU’LL GET SCREWED OVER:  We all do.  When times are good things are easy.  The true test of character is when life knocks you to the ground.  What did you learn?  How will you prevent the same mistake?

3)  TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED:  Simple to say but not easy to do.  Especially when you are standing in line with the stomach flu and the 85-year-old lady in front of you is writing a check.

4)  KEEP UP WITH TECHNOLOGY:  If you “settle” you will be passed by.  Remember when you paid $300 for a VCR?  Remember having to stash quarters in case your “pager” went off?  Five years ago everyone had a MySpace page.  Keep up with technology and you’ll increase your value.

5) NEVER GET BEHIND ME IN LINE:  I always pick the wrong one.  I pick the one with the price check, the ribbon runs out on the register, the old man searching for a coupon, etc.  Please just smile and wave and move on.  You’ll thank me later.