Show me a mistake and I will show ya an opportunity to learn something.  We all stumble and fall during life but if you can better yourself after a momentary setback then the negative is actually a positive.  Arnold has been all over the news lately and his rep is definitely taking a beating.  As outsiders we can look at this and learn three things right away:

1)  KNOW WHEN TO PULL OUT:  I have been in career situations where I thought “I know this isn’t the best situation for me but it will get better.”  I’ve learned that things don’t and won’t self correct themselves.  Don’t rely on others, rely on yourself.  If your gut is telling you it isn’t right then look for another challenge.

2)  DON’T GRAB IT JUST BECAUSE IT’S IN FRONT OF YOU:  A lot of time when we face a challenge we look for the “quick fix” just because its convenient.  More often than not you are just putting a band-aid where you actually need a tourniquet.  Finding a solution or the right situation takes time but it’s well worth the wait.

3)  IF YOU DECIDE TO SCREW SOMEONE BE PREPARED FOR THE PAYBACK:  You’re gonna get stabbed in the back a few times in life.  The big test if how you react.  Getting “even” is a natural feeling but it’s not gonna get you anywhere.  Don’t lower yourself to “that” level.  Take your lumps and move on.  In the long run you will be the winner. 

Remember…always find that positive in the negative but don’t ask me to explain Arnold’s maid.  If I were a radio sales rep I’d be approaching him to endorse some laser vision correction!