I read a story over the weekend where Myspace lost 10 MILLION USERS IN ONE MONTH! CLICK HERE FOR STORY. 

No one would have imagined that being possible in June of 2006 when Myspace was at the peak of its popularity.  By April 2008 Myspace was overtaken by facebook.  Forty-seven percent of the staff was laid off this past January.  So what went wrong?  They got comfortable.  They believed their own hype.  They played it safe.  All of these factors played into their continued demise.

Let this be a lesson for ALL of us.  The mind is much like the body.  You need to keep it in shape to be productive and healthy.  Listen to new ideas.  Look for ways to make YOUR product better.  Keep on top of technology.  Once you get to the top of your game concentrate on how you can widen your lead from your competition.  

Look at facebook; they have been number one since April of 2008 but they continue to reinvent themselves.  They have created a nearly insurmountable lead.  Myspace will eventually be a thing of the past and to me nothing is more satisfying than CRUSHING the competition!