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Danny lets it all out this time.  He starts with a child’s book that he received from an ex that has finally impacted his life.  What is Ellen thinking?  What does she really fear?  Political correctness has already affected Halloween.  The need to arm yourselves now more than ever to protect your family.   Just another day in DANNYLAND!!

Redskins Name FootballI’m not politically correct.  I’m 100% Polish and I LOVE a good Pollock joke.  I’m the last guy you would refer to as a racist and that’s probably why I don’t see what the big deal is about the Washington Redskin’s logo.

Some have said to me “How would you feel if a team were to be called “The Pollocks?”  I’d love it.   I can see people at a Pollock game yelling “What type of dumb play was that?”  I’d laugh and say “What do you expect from a team called The Pollocks?”

Again, my level of sensitivity to this subject is VERY low but I will tell ya what pisses me off:  Thanksgiving and Columbus Day.  Columbus was a very bad man.  In 1500, the Crown had him removed as governor, arrested, and transported in chains to Spain yet we have a day honoring him?

Thanksgiving?  The Pilgrims landed here, befriended the Native Americans and then took their land.  For this we have a four-day weekend and a giant parade.  Santa Claus is at the end of the parade so he must be after your casinos.

I completely understand those that take issue with Thanksgiving and Columbus Day but making such an issue of something on the side of a football helmet or a baseball cap?  I just don’t see it but would love to hear your comments.  Have a great weekend.

The guy pictured to the left is former quarterback Joe Theisman.  He used to play for the Washington Redskins and at one time was in a long-term relationship with Cathy Lee Crosby.  I have weird sleeping patterns and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I  see all kinds of silly commercials for all kinds of silly products.  Joe Theisman is currently pitching a product called “Super Beta Prostate.”  You MUST watch the video for this product and listen to Joe share with all of us the reason why he needs it.  Click to see video HERE.

Joe now does play-by-play of NFL games and according to this video the first thing he does when he enters a stadium is find the closest bathroom in case he has that “sudden urge to go.”  Did he actually negotiate that in his contract?  Now when I listen to his play-by-play and I don’t hear him for 30 seconds am I supposed to wonder if it’s because his “prostate is giving him fits?”  How about the doctor in this video that actually asks “do ya wanna stronger urine flow?”  Look….I have a lot of things on my bucket list….a stronger urine flow is not one of them.  Where does that come in handy?  I don’t see myself fighting off potential gropers in a Turkish bath with my “stronger urine flow.”

Joe actually says, “My wife and I sleep better and I wake up feeling younger.”  I’m sure she DOES sleep better.  It’s hard to relax and go to sleep not knowing if there is gonna be an eruption from a urine geyser.  Too bad he wasn’t a spokesman for this product during his playing days.  Who would wanna tackle him???  He’d be running all over the field looking like he was a broken sprinkler head.

I’m  still a fan of Joe Theisman but I can assure ya one thing; IF I ever meet him I won’t be shaking his hand!