brazil violenceSo yesterday in the World Cup, hosting country Brazil was embarrassed by Germany 7-1.  To me…big deal…there has to be a  winner and a loser in any team competition but that wasn’t the case in Brazil.

Brazilians went nuts.  An announcement was made for German fans to stay inside the stadium so they could be escorted out for their safety.  Really?  If my country just got embarrassed on national TV the last thing I would wanna do is act like a bunch of crazies that escaped from Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory.

Brazil…ya lost.  How does setting a couch on fire in a furniture store change that?  I’m a Browns fan…I can’t imagine how many cars I would have flipped over in my lifetime if I acted like these idiots.  One of my complaints about soccer is that it’s so boring because no one scores.  Yesterday was exciting for me because I saw a shitload of goals but I never expected what I watched.  I’d understand walking out of the stadium with my head hung low and maybe stopping for a few post game brews to drown my sorrows but the last thing I’d expect is someone grabbing a 55 gallon drum on fire and tossing it through a coffee shop’s window.

I take back my original thought when the World Cup began a few weeks ago….soccer isn’t boring at all.

soccer violenceUrine bomb.   Think about that.  Someone actually urinates in a  plastic bag, ties it off, and tries to smuggle a bag of piss into a stadium to throw on the opposition’s fans.  Who are these barbarians?  They are soccer fans.

The World Cup has begun this week and the silliness of soccer is on my mind.  A game can end 0-0.  After all that running and kicking there is no resolution.  No winner or loser.  Nothing.  THAT’S worthy of throwing a urine bomb at someone.

I’ll see that urine bomb and raise you a toilet.  Yes a freaking toilet.  Recently rebels inside the stadium unscrewed a toilet, passed it through the stands, then threw it over a ledge at fans of the opposing team.  Tragically a man was killed.  Killed by a flying toilet.  How would you like to explain that one to your life insurance agent?  What is the thought process here.  One guy yells “ I got me crescent wrench with me…let’s take the shitter from the loo and throw at  those fans.  Who’s with me?  Group responds “CHARGE!!!!!!!”

I’m going back to the couch to watch bowling.