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First of all ladies it’s NOT just another video game.  This is Madden.  This is where us men can actually live out the unfulfilled fantasies of our teen-age years.  Today Madden 2012 is released.  For many of us this day should be declared a legal holiday.

Don’t tell me I’m NOT on the team.  I can create a player with my face and name, give him unbelievable abilities, and become the MVP of the NFL.  If you are lucky I will grant you an interview in the kitchen after I empty the dishwasher.

Don’t tell me it’s not any different from Tetris or Mrs. Pacman.  I will single-handedly take the Cleveland Browns to another Super Bowl victory this year.  If the outcome is in doubt I will do what I always do….hit “reset” and start all over until I win.

Don’t tell me I look ridiculous with my headset on talking trash to a bunch of twelve-year olds in Harrisburg I’m playing on-line.  They are calling me out and I will rub their pre-pubescent faces into the Madden turf before their mother yells at them to “come upstairs and go to bed.”

This is NOT your ordinary video game.  This is REAL.  I really am a grown man.  Really…..seriously….well at least I think I am.  🙂