Awards shows are a great diversion from the stress of every day life.  The Music Video Awards were last night and I am AMAZED at the top trending topics TODAY.  Most have to do with the VMA’s!  Let’s look at these “pressing issues” in context:

Don’t ya love Bieber in glasses?  OMG Chris Brown is lip-synching!  Did they dig up Amy Winehouse to play guitar with Ralph Macchio?  OMG that’s NOT Ralph Macchio…it’s Lady Ga Ga!!   That’s Brian May and NOT Amy Winehouse?  Queen?  Who is Queen?  Why is Beyonce looking like she lost her burka?  OMG she’s pregnant and NO ONE KNEW!!  Will Kayne ever run on stage this year and save us from this boredom?

I’m probably a bigger pop culture fan than most but this country has bigger problems than if David Arquette really is gonna be in the next cast of Dancing With The Stars.  I think it’s time we showed the passion we place on our diversions in our passion in helping others and fixing the problems that face this country