My black lab is twelve years old.  I’ve spent just about every day with him since the end of January as I look for my next morning radio job.  This has allowed me to observe him and I’ve realised he is much smarter than I thought.  Based on my observations I can share with you these three life lessons:

1)  PICK YOUR PRIORITIES:  My dog really only cares about the following  a)  eating, b) going outside and c) who the hell is at the door?.  I used to run to answer the phone and my dog looked at me like I was an idiot.  I pay for voice mail.  He has a good point.

2)  IF YOU ARE LOOKING AHEAD YOU WILL MISS WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU:  We all need to slow down.  I worry about tomorrow.  I plan for next month.  I never have taken the time to stop and look around.  If my dog did this he would miss all the Doritos crumbs I drop on the floor.

3)  SOMETIMES YA JUST GOTTA EAT SH@T!:  I caught him doing this the other day.  I could tell by the look on his face that he didn’t like it one bit.  I don’t think anyone does but it’s just part of life.  He handles it a lot better than most of us do.  He just comes in the house, gets a drink of water, then looks for a bone to get that taste out of his mouth.  Instead of all of us complaining about the taste we need to DO something to refresh our breath.  Once again…..brilliant.

So what do ya say we ALL let the phone ring, relax and brush our teeth.  It will make for a much better day!