People protest after a Black man identified as Jacob Blake was shot several times by police in Kenosha

Every night when I go to bed I tell myself that “tomorrow will be different.”  I wake up, turn on the news and see that another building in another city is on fire and it’s chaos in the streets.  I’m not a huge fan of the police.  They are underpaid and lack sufficient training not to mention they have no idea on how to handle anyone with a mental illness but they don’t deserve to be attacked by a bunch of criminals.  I understand being upset with law enforcement but you just can’t go around committing crimes because things didn’t go your way.  It’s not all about YOU!

For some reason this blatant criminal activity has been allowed to happen.  This only encourages the barbaric behavior to continue.  The police need help.  They need to make a statement.  They need to regain the streets.  They need the National Guard.  The problem is the National Guard has to be activated by the Governor of that particular state and what is happening is Democratic Governors will not make that call.  In other words, they would rather sacrifice the safety and lives of the citizens that elected them for their own partisan beliefs.  That’s just pure evil.

Sports teams are not playing because they are appalled at the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man from Kenosha, Wisconsin by police this weekend.  I don’t have a problem if you want to change the world but that’s not your mission.  You are supposed to run fast, jump high and sweat a lot.  You don’t like making millions of dollars?  Fine….just quit the team, move to Tibet and stand on your head with a freaking llama.  Let me know when Angelina Jolie shows up to adopt another half dozen kids.

Americans are now shooting Americans.  The country is imploding from within.  Let me offer you some advice to stay alive.  If you don’t want to get shot….stay away from people that are throwing rocks, burning buildings and breaking into stores.  If for some reason a police officer tells you to “stop” don’t keep trying to get away especially if there are three active warrants for your arrest.  It’s also a bad idea to grab an officer’s taser before ya run away.  Before ya know it shots will be fired and the local Wendy’s will be on fire.

Our cities are under attack.  Black Lives Matter is a social terrorist group with it’s roots deep in the fermentation of evil.  A statement needs to be made but it’s not up to us to go downtown wearing camo pants and playing Rambo.  The enemy has nothing to lose.  You have a job, income, friends, a family and most importantly….you don’t rely on a skateboard for transportation and you don’t smell like urine.  If they happen to walk up your driveway…that’s a different story.  I’d let ’em have it, pressure clean the driveway and then call the medical examiner.  Be safe out there!!

clown lebronI’m an idiot.  I have spent the past day listening to sports talk radio in Cleveland and Miami about the Lebron James situation:  which city will he choose to play for?  In the end it really is insignificant based on the fact that Hamas and Israel are bombing the shit out of each other but I am intrigued by the fact that so many people are interested in this and it’s being covered by every single media outlet.

Let’s not forget I am from Cleveland.  I love and miss my hometown.  I have and always will be a fan of all Cleveland sports teams.  LeBron is gonna make nearly $21 million bucks in either city to throw a ball in a basket.  Let’s not forget all the money he’ll make in endorsements.  LeBron is not just a player he is a brand.   So why hold two cities hostage by dragging out your decision?  Simple:  He’s a jackass!

Sociopath, narcissistic, selfish, bratty, punk, jerk, prima-donna…..any of the preceding words would fit but he also is the best basketball player on the planet.  If he returns to Cleveland I will not be cheering for him directly I will be cheering for my team like I do every year.

This country is falling apart, people are out of work, the middle class is disappearing, the Middle East is ready to implode, values and common courtesy towards fellow man are disappearing and I’m concerning myself about basketball player and where he will decide to make his millions.  Like I said….I’m an idiot.