Three weeks in intensive care.  Six days completely unconscious.  Declared dead but through the grace of God was given a second chance.  Danny talks about some of his experiences in the hospital, his favorite TV commercial right now, why he’s mad at Justin Bieber, a life lesson you can learn from Gary Busey and a lot more.  See if you can hear the difference in his voice.  Just click below.


It’s MUSLIM SUNDAY as Danny labeled it.  Click below and listen to one of the rare occasions he admits he was wrong, how Hillary Clinton wouldn’t get hired at Home Depot, how the media is manipulating you about Muslims, and the reason why Danny thinks he has found the perfect woman.

My view on things has always been a bit distorted.  That’s just the way I am.  Having said that I offer five things I am confused about on this day that we celebrate the Fourth of July.

1) CHOOSE YOUR LANGUAGE:  Whether it be at the ATM or calling an automated switchboard we are prompted with this decision.  If I were visiting embassy row I would understand.  Shouldn’t those that DON’T speak english be inconvenienced?

2) SALUTE THE TROOPS:  Many men and women have given their lives for this country.  Why do we ignore them when they return from duty?  I believe they deserve a bit more than a parade once a year.

3) GO TO JAIL FOR WHAT GROWS NATURALLY:  It’s okay for America to be hooked on prescription drugs because pharmaceutical companies contribute to campaign election funds.  If Pfizer could patent dirt, sun and fertilizer they would!

4)  DON’T PULL THE MAN WEARING THE TURBAN AND HOLDING THE KORAN OUT OF THE SECURITY LINE!:  If a bunch of tall, balding Pollocks hijacked planes and flew them into the World Trade Center I would budget an extra fifteen minutes for me to get through airport security.  I understand the law of averages game.  Instead we search the soiled diaper of a 95 year old woman? 

5)  TODAY WE CELEBRATE OUR FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE!  Our fore fathers made sure that this land is our land….after we barbarically came here and took it from the Native Americans.  Hmmmm….good thing they didn’t tell Paul Revere that or perhaps he wouldn’t have saddled up the horse.

So now it’s time for me to light a sparkler made in China, sit down on a plastic chair made in Korea, and drink a cold German beer to celebrate our “independence.”  Seriously….Happy Fourth of July.  🙂