question markLife is strange…I think we all can agree on that but there are things that perplex me on a daily basis.  Why do people watch “Real Housewives” when there isn’t anything real about them at all?   If I call information for a number to call “Ghostbusters” how come they don’t have a number.   If someone doesn’t believe that aliens truly exist have they ever seen a picture of Larry King?  Why do people expect sports and entertainment stars to be role models–isn’t that the job of a parent?

Why do some people still judge a person based on their religious beliefs or skin color–doesn’t character come into consideration?  Why are people taken aback when you use the words “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome?”   Can a real man play Monopoly and still choose the thimble as his game piece?  How come I still have flash backs to being in 6th grade gym class when I couldn’t climb the rope?

Am I the only person that doesn’t answer their cell phone but just uses it to text?  How come they allow Donald Duck to walk around Disney World not wearing pants?  What would happen if I went back to my high school and asked to see my “permanent record?”  When will people realize that fish are not pets…they are food.  Karaoke should be called “A Night For People That Can’t Sing.”  Do Japanese people think that any product labeled “Made in USA” is cheap and will probably break?  How come a cat is the only animal that poops in a box?  How come I don’t break into spontaneous laughter after eating a “Snickers” bar?

If you can answer any of these questions for me then I would appreciate it and if you also think of any of these queries of life…then I will reserve you some space in my rubber room.



On Sunday it seemed EVERYONE was watching the Women’s World Cup finale.  My Twitter was blowing up.  The ratings eventually showed a HUGE share.  Japan won in a shoot out and then all the tweets and comments changed.  “Be proud of the ladies.”  “At least we got there.”  “Can’t win em all.”  What type of half assed thinking is this???

Team USA choked.  They blew it.  They didn’t show up.  Any of the previous three statements describes what happened.  Team USA was ranked number one in the world.  They hadn’t lost to Japan in the previous twenty-five meetings. It WAS David versus Goliath.  For some reason Team USA wasn’t mentally prepared to win.  Maybe they thought since Brazil was eliminated they could just coast through their game with Japan, not break a sweat, and negotiate their endorsement deals on the plane.

There is a lesson here in this national embarrassment.  Never take your competition lightly.  If you think anything BUT your best effort is acceptable then one day you will meet someone will less talent and they will emerge victorious.  Look no further than what happened to Team USA to support that!