These are trying times.  The upcoming 2012 election may be one of the most important  in the history of our nation.  So what the HELL was Governor Rick Perry thinking when he showed up hammered last Friday night at a fund-raiser?  Check out the video HERE.

We all screw up but this guy actually thought he could fake his way through the speech.  He looked like Richard Dawson the host of the old Family Feud.  Dawson would get so hammered during tapings that he practically was sticking his tongue down the trachea of every female contestant on the show.  I’m surprised Perry didn’t stop in the middle of his speech and say “100 people three answers on the board…’What does my breath smell like?’  SHOW ME SCOTCH!”

You know his “people” told him “Don’t go out there yet, Rick.”  But noooooooo!  I imagine he said “Look.  I’m the Governor already.  I’m a front-runner for the GOP nomination.  No ones gonna tell this cowboy when he’s gonna ride!”  I feel sorry for the staff member he said this to because I am sure that person was sandblasted by his septic saliva.  You can feel the tension in the room based on the nervous laughter.  Its like being at a charity fund-raiser.  If you donate a ton of money you could dry-hump the chandelier in the ballroom and people would say you were being “clever.”

Take the show business out of politics.  Imagine if the Governor said this; “Wow! I’m pretty bombed.  I’m gonna sit down before I make a real ass out of myself.  Don’t drink and drive.”  MADD loves ya.  Ya get to run back to the bar and top off and you just injected HONESTY into the campaign!  I’ll tell ya this much; if they ever bring beer pong into the debates I know who my money is on!