Ray RiceBy now we have all seen the second Ray Rice video where he knocks his then fiancé Janay Palmer out with a solid left hook in a casino elevator.  It’s terrible.  It’s disturbing.  There is no excuse for his actions.  Some have come forward to say “How could she marry this guy after this?”  That’s her decision and not the point.  The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, is now in hot water because some believe he saw the second video as early as April and yet still decided to ban Ray Rice just two games.  Goodell denies this but again that is not the point.

The first video we all saw back in February where Rice is dragging Palmer out of the elevator should have been enough.  That was the effect of his actions so you know there had to be a cause.  THAT’S the point.  The NFL has the means necessary to obtain the video of what happened inside the elevator.  This was a casino.  There are cameras everywhere.  Although I think Goodell is lying through his teeth when he says he didn’t see the second video until Monday I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  The fact that there wasn’t a full blown investigation here based on the first video is enough for me to blurt out “cover up” at the very least.

So who is to blame?  Many people over the course of many years.  The NFL is a big business that makes billions of dollars.  Exemptions have been made by many coaches of many players for their off the field problems because a player can run fast, jump high or hit a ball far.  THAT’S where the blame should lie.  This is not a problem that happened overnight.  This has been festering for years.  If anything good can come from this horrific situation it would be that coaches, managers, commissioners, owners and executives will stop “looking away.”  That’s the way it’s supposed to be but that isn’t the way it is.


You’re not gonna like what you are going to read and I know that already but it’s the truth.  Kevin Ware of Louisville suffered a horrific broken leg in yesterdays college basketball game.  His lower leg broke in half and the bone actually pierced the skin.  People across the country have actually tweeted their monetary support to a man that they don’t even know.  Seriously?  Let’s be honest.  The guy didn’t die…. he broke his freaking leg.  He doesn’t have a life threatening disease and he didn’t lose a loved one.  He broke his leg.

When you walk on a sporting field of any kind under you own free will you understand that you are taking a risk of physical injury.  Don’t get me wrong I wish he didn’t break his leg BUT he knew was putting himself at risk.  His teammates and his coach were visibly upset and some were even crying.  Would they have reacted the same way had they not SEEN the injury?  If Kevin Ware fell down the stairs at his dorm and suffered the same injury would they break down in tears upon hearing the news?  I think not.  They walked away in tears because they had witnessed a HORRIFIC injury and that’s actually kind of selfish.

As far as these clowns that want to send money to help out a guy they don’t even know here’s a suggestion for ya:  Look around you.  There are many local organizations that can use your help in fighting abuse of animals, domestic violence, hunger, poverty or your favorite cause.  Visit a relative you have not seen lately or take the time to reestablish a connection with a lost friend.  If any of these things would happen then I think Kevin Ware would appreciate that more than anything else.  Kevin Ware broke his leg.  He wasn’t killed by a drunk driver.  Let’s keep this in perspective.