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A quick recap of the debate, A major movie star gets married in Vegas, Three Things Danny doesn’t understand and a whole lot more.  Just click below.

joe dirt one

We rip on the debate from last night.  The reason the media is out of control.  A great story out of West Virginia involving a 26 year old that thinks he’s Justin Bieber.  Another reason why Ronda Rousey is a great role model and Danny gives another example of how commercial radio is fake.  Just click below.  Thank you!!

KY Jelly

What does Danny and KY Jelly have in common???  Click here to find out.  He also breaks down the GOP debate from last night, talks about smoking weed, and points out racial profiling in Irving, Texas.


Did ya watch the freakshow last night?  If you did or if ya missed it Danny breaks it down minus all the boring political bull$hit.  Even if you find politics boring you should enjoy the potshots Danny takes. Just Click below and listen and have a great weekend!