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Welcome to the beginning of week three “TOTAL LOCKDOWN.”  I was out in society this week and noticed big changes.  ⚡⚡⚡  Will things ever return to normal?  The three stage plan to restarting our country; will it work?  Another one of my favorite stories about the world of FAKE RADIO.  🔥🔥🔥  The country is in the middle of a revolution!!!  We hear from Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas.   The best example yet of why Joe Biden is not fit to be President and MORE!!! 


Did ya really think this was not gonna be a big deal?  It’s gonna get much worse before it gets better.  National Guard and tanks in the street is just a matter of time.  Will the restaurant business ever recover?  Do you really think there is gonna be a baseball season?  What happens when the drug stores run out of medications?  The health system is barely working right now.  How will it survive this?  This is not gonna be a good week.

So now we have to hurry up and wait.  Just sit back and let it die out.  It’s gonna take time.  It’s going to affect a lot of people.  People, businesses and cultures will be changed forever.  Remember how this started:  a bat, a man, a lie and China.  We must learn from this that we don’t go around just trusting anyone.  Think about the people you trust the most.  Chances are you have known and trusted them for years.  Think about people you don’t trust.  It’s because they lied and cheated on you.

Be leery.  Be apprehensive.  Be cautious and be careful.  These are turbulent times.