What has happened to this country?  At some point we have become a bunch of wussies.  Political correctness makes us afraid of one thing:  the truth.  I’ve always hated grey.  It’s black or white, good or bad, smart and stupid, you get the idea…..if not you’re pretty stupid.

Difference of opinion is good and it’s reality except people are in denial because they may be worried about losing a friend on facebook.  Everyone has a cause.  Something that they care deeply about.  If someone doesn’t share your passion that doesn’t mean they aren’t a supporter of your cause.  It just means it’s not necessarily a priority in their life and guess what?   That’s what makes us different and difference is good.  It makes people think.  It’s what makes us individuals.  It’s what separates us from being a robot.

I voted for Trump.  Some people will automatically say “You’re a racist.”  What???  I’m not a racist I just like the guy.  He won.  Get over it.  I don’t wave it in front of the faces of those that don’t like the guy cause I think that’s pretty immature but this isn’t about Trump.  It runs much deeper than that.  I just used that as an example.

Look……I’m 100 percent Polish and I love a good Pollock joke.  I don’t get mad or offended because it’s a freaking joke.  We need to laugh.  Life is tough.  Life is not always a mondo jovial type tundra.  Let’s say you spit in my face.  I’m offended and probably will punch you but there are people out there that actually believe you must have done something to provoke that action.  Amazing.  Here’s the truth:  There are a lot of assholes in this world.  I care about people and give everyone the benefit of the doubt but it’s not my job to fix an asshole.  An asshole comes in all colors, races, religions and political beliefs.

I know there are people that believe I’m an asshole but I can’t worry about that.  I like to laugh at myself and others but I also believe we need to be nice to each other.  Society has become a mass of fear.  This country was created by a mass of those with differences.  Life is short.  We make mistakes to learn.  I believe we have to get back to being different and not worrying what other people think.  That’s just my opinion and maybe that’s what makes me an asshole.  Thanks for reading.


So I’m sitting here watching the chaos in Charlotte, North Carolina and I think I have it figured out.  Don’t judge the many by the actions of a few.  I understand the frustration that people have regarding excessive force but black cop shooting black guy doesn’t equate to “beat the shit out of white people.”

Did the cop use excessive force?  I don’t know I wasn’t there.  Will an investigation determine who was at fault?  I don’t know as I don’t fully trust “investigations.”  What I do know is this:  there are two kinds of people in this world, good and bad.  The conversation should start and end there.  Apply that belief to any situation and it takes race and ethnicity out of the conversation.  Is there racism in our society?  Yes.  It’s permeated by those that are bad.  Is there corruption in law enforcement in this country?  Yes.  Again these would be the bad people.  See how easy this is?  Let’s continue.  Is there corruption in any business in this country?  Yes.  Once again my theory applies.

This should not be about race this should be about stopping the bad and promoting the good.  If something bad happens and you react in a bad way then you become part of the problem and not the solution.  We all have experienced frustration.  When we let frustration turn into anger we usually make bad decisions and we then become part of the bad.  Bad also affects the credibility of your cause.  If you want to fight the bad then you need to be part of the good otherwise your desired solution is clouded by your bad reaction.

The sun will go down tonight in Charlotte and people will have the chance to make a decision.  Will it be bad or good?  Only time will tell but at this point I think we are moving backward instead of forward; and that’s very bad.