presidents day

So today is President’s Day.  How are ya supposed to celebrate it?  I even know that on Arbor Day you are supposed to plant a tree but it doesn’t seem to make any sense to go out and buy a mattress on Presidents Day.  My parents spent a fortune on braces so I don’t have the need for wooden teeth and I don’t think it would be a good idea to go to the theater today and sit in the balcony and wait for a disgruntled actor to pop off a round in my direction.

I could honor Gerald Ford by falling down the stairs but I currently don’t have medical coverage and I can break a bone just by sneezing so that’s not a good idea either.  I could make the Bill Clinton fans happy by grabbing a cigar and throwing an intern under my desk but I live alone and spend most of my free time looking for work so that’s not gonna happen either.

I considered honoring that liar Richard Nixon by walking up to random women here in West Palm Beach and telling them I am a millionaire and a super model in Europe but that would entail me leaving the house and traveling more than my safe haven of three miles.  I think the only thing I really can do is wash my bedding and maybe throw in a few extra dryer sheets.  Happy President’s Day.


It was a tough week for Herman Cain but did it HAVE to be?  When you run for President everyone is concerned about what you did in the past that has nothing to do with your ability to run the country.  It’s always been that way.  Somehow we believe that if we elect someone without a checkered past then that insures economic and personal growth.   A few years ago Cain was accused of sexual harassment.  Allegedly one of those victims received a check for $45,000.  All of a sudden Cain has developed amnesia about these allegations/events.  He doesn’t recall the incident and he doesn’t remember writing a check.  C’mon Herman.  Big balls made you a success, man up and show them now.  All he has to do is say : “There were allegations that were addressed.  That’s in the past and has been dealt with.  I choose to focus on the problems of the NOW.” 

Are we really concerned about “character” in the White House?  Thomas Jefferson knocked up one of his slaves, ten years before Grover Cleveland became President he knocked up a store clerk, Warren Harding paid a mistress $20K in hush money, JFK basically turned the White House into the grotto at the Playboy Club, and Bill Clinton made us aware that a “hummer” doesn’t necessarily refer to a military transport vehicle.   Why are we afraid to embrace our past?  You can’t enjoy success unless you have experienced defeat.  You can’t climb unless you fall.  The key is to LEARN from your past and not repeat mistakes in the future.  This country is in trouble and we NEED someone who can get us out of it.  Cain just might be the guy but we’re worried that if he gets elected he’ll wanna hang the Presidential Seal from his scrotum.  The guy is even catching hell from the press because his wife has been absent on the campaign trail.  HE is the one running people!

I won’t vote for anyone that doesn’t have a skeleton in their past.  I also won’t vote for anyone that doesn’t learn from their mistakes. My late father gave me some great advice.  He said “Always be aware of what your biggest weakness is.”  If you are confident in who you are and where you are going that should be an easy answer and a beneficial one as well.  Once we address that weakness it will only makes us stronger.